studio policy

Students may enroll in weekly 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute private lessons, depending on age/level. Tuition is charged for the academic year (32 lesson weeks total during August-May), divided into nine (9) equal monthly installments and is non-refundable. Each monthly payment is due on or before the 1st day of the month. Late payments will be assessed a $10 fee each. Tuition may be paid via cash or check.

2017-2018 Tuition Rates:

Tuition does not include student books and materials.  Parents/Students will periodically be asked to purchase music and supplies—the teacher will provide specific information on items needed, and how and where to purchase them.

A non-refundable registration/materials fee of $35 per family is due at the start of each academic year (If a student enrolls later in the year, the fee is due whenever study begins). This fee covers items such as teaching supplies, technology expenses, instrument maintenance, recital programs, and other studio expenses.

All lessons will be paid for, regardless of attendance. No make-up lessons, refunds, or discounts will be provided for students who miss lessons. The tuition paid reserves an exclusive weekly time for the student. Unlike certain other professions, the teacher cannot resell that time nor can the teacher create extra teaching time in which to give lessons. Parents and students are therefore requested to choose a lesson day/time which works consistently with their schedule.

Any lesson that the teacher has to cancel will be made up.

Students who are ill should not come to lessons. The teacher reserves the right to send a student home if they arrive ill and/or are contagious to others.

Missed lesson time may be made up in other ways beneficial to the student (see below):

Studio Class: These classes are held periodically throughout the school year. Besides serving as a valuable group experience for the students to perform and interact with their peers in a fun musical atmosphere, studio classes may also serve as make-up lesson time. These classes are “free of charge” (not included in the tuition).

Lesson Swap:  in the occasion of an unavoidable missed lesson, students may choose to swap lesson times with another student for that week. Lesson swap rules are below to ensure an easy process:

  1. The teacher must be informed prior to and after arranging a swap (text or email notification is fine).
  2. Should 2 people arrive at once, the student whose lesson is normally at that time receives the lesson.
  3. No make-up lessons will be given if any confusion arises.
  4. The lesson must take place during the same week as the student’s normal lesson day/time, not during a later week.

FaceTime or Skype lesson is another viable option for the week if the roads are impassible due to inclement weather, or if a student is ill but feels well enough to play.

It is expected that students will commit to lessons for the entire year. However, if for any reason the parent/student decides to terminate lessons, one (1) month’s advance notice of lesson termination is requested; this way proper arrangements can be made for appropriate conclusion of the student’s piano study.

The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons if there is unpaid tuition, an excessive amount of student absences, or if the student demonstrates the inability to practice consistently and/or continually shows up to lessons unprepared.

Summer Session (exact dates TBA) is separate from the academic year and will be billed separately. Students are guaranteed a spot in the studio for the upcoming year if they enroll in a minimum of five (5) summer lessons. More information regarding Summer Session will be provided during the Spring semester.

Students must have an instrument at home to practice on. A piano is necessary for proper technical and musical progress.

DAILY PRACTICE is expected and required for consistent progress. Parents should help their child include piano practice in their daily routine, and will receive guidance on how to support their child’s practice at home.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact Badie during the week if there are any questions regarding assignments or regarding practice.  It is always better to get a question answered before the next lesson, rather than waiting until the lesson! Texts, emails, and video clips are always welcome.